Pink and Gold Wonderfulness

After the delightful elephant quilt this happened. While at the fabric store, that I went to after buying the fabric I needed at another store ... I just wanted to stop by this one to "browse" (ha!!), I fell in love with a few fabrics. I headed home and let thoughts of them roll around in my head for a few days ... and then went back and bought them. All.

And that led to this yummy quilt. I'm crazy about the dark pink and gold together. So modern, but still feminine and girly. Swoon ...

The quilt is crafted from a bunch of triangles pieced together to form a chevron pattern. Each zig-zag is set off by white Kona cotton and quilted with pink and white stitching along the seam lines.

What color combinations are your favorite today? Any new unexpected loves?

The quilt is available in the Jude Harbor shop.

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