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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Sweet Safari Life


This quilt ... such a sweet little one for baby boy. So many fun animals to admire and dream about!

I came across the Moda Safari Life charm pack and knew it was meant to be a baby quilt (because ... isn't everything?).

 I mixed the charm squares with a coordinating gold faux-linen print from Connecting Threads to create this pattern.  The quilting is done with straight lines on the diagonal in gold thread, and the backing fabric is another Connecting Threads print that carried the "safari" theme well.

It's available in the Jude Harbor shop.

And in other news ... my "baby" turned 12 today! Seems like just yesterday he was a little thing laying on my quilts ... now he's my #1 quilt holder for pictures. Time sure does fly!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Get it While It's on SALE

Oh my goodness, I have soooo much to share but first things first ....

Everything in the Jude Harbor and Because I'm Me Etsy shops is on sale. 15% off through December 3rd!

Ev e ry thing, even all sorts of new stuff like Christmas bow ties and masks, mini pots and planters, and newly designed small quilts!

I promise to try to post more about all the new items that have been added, but didn't want you to miss out on this sale!

Oh, and as always, USPS First Class shipping in the US is FREE.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sweet Seahorse Baby Girls Quilt

 A few updates to share ...


 Jude Harbor now has it's own website and shop, off of Etsy! Jude Harbor is still on Etsy, but transitioning to being more independent. With lots of new items (mostly quilts), the shop is well worth checking out and favoriting. 

That yummy quilt shown above is one of the new ones. It's so sweet, and full of a divine seahorse print. I had so much fun creating this quilt, imagining the darling little girl who'll get to wrap themselves up in it.

The backside is a rich blue-green batik print, the binding a solid fuchsia pink. 

The quilting is done in random wavy lines, to sort of mimic waves on water.

Check it out in the shop before it disappears.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Masks for Guys

puppy dog face covering

Masks, masks, masks ...

 woodsy face shield for men

I've listed some "not girlish at all" masks in the Because I'm Me shop. Click on each image to be taken directly to the listings.

 navy dot face mask for him

Let's face it, bow ties are not hot sellers these days - although I have to think they'd add an awesome touch to the dress-shirt-over-gym-shorts Zoom look. :) So we must adapt ... and to that end masks seem like a good way to go (and I had to have a reason to buy these wonderful fabrics!).

 navy white striped face covering for guys

These pleated masks are crafted from 100% cotton fabrics, and are super comfortable on the skin. They're all machine washable and come with elastic to secure behind the ears.

 gray white masculine deer mask

The masks have a filter pocket on the backside to add a filter if you prefer, though they function wonderfully without adding anything to them.  As hot as it is outdoors right now I'm happy to stick with the two layers of the mask, especially since the CDC has said that that's all that's necessary to be helpful.

boys camping face mask covering

 Each mask is available for both men and boys.

school teacher face mask

boyish airplane cotton face covering

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mask making continues

Making masks from the wonderful Florida Keys today!

Still making masks, still shipping in 1-3 days, still free shipping.

And loving the view from my sewing machine!


Monday, June 8, 2020

Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens

Toward the end of March as River and I were busy making masks to donate it was suggested that I sell masks - that the demand far exceeded the supply at that time. I thought to myself ... I can do that, a few masks for those who need them sound great. That night I went to the fabric store - only to find out they were already sold out of thread, ribbon, elastic, etc - and headed home to order elastic, ribbon, etc. on Etsy. And so it began.

The next day Etsy sent a message asking anyone who could to start making masks. It felt so good to be doing something good with my "down time" (my daycare dropped down to one child so I had a bit of extra time to work with)!

2 1/2 months later that need for masks has eased and I'm catching my breath!

Huge "thanks" to everyone who purchased a mask from Because I'm Me or Jude Harbor, and for all the positive feedback and heart-warming conversations.

And the biggest thanks to my children for all their help cutting, pinning, flipping, packaging, and shipping ... and for their patience with their Mama who had them surviving on restaurant take out family meals (best idea ever!).

I still have plenty of masks listed at Jude Harbor, including this bunch above focused on restaurants/bars/coffee shops, but have also added a few more things to the mix - like these tiger stripe cat bow ties for all the cool cats and kittens out there. As soon as I watched Tiger King I knew my cats needed new bow ties ... so between masks I made them a few and now finally am getting them listed at Beacause I'm Me .

In the midst of our social distancing Hippo (the gray cat) decided to get sick and has been diagnosed with diabetes. He's doing fine but now is getting insulin shots twice a day. He's a very loved little beast. :)

I hope you're doing well and have stayed healthy the last few months - and stay healthy moving forward.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ahoy There, Matey

I have a son, my Adam, who once believed, with all his heart and soul, that he was a pirate. He dressed as a pirate every Halloween, and lived and breathed everything pirate all year round. Here's my sweet Adam in his pirate apron (before he was over 6' tall!) and his pirate quilt, which has a treasure map on the backside, and one of the many years he was a pirate for Halloween.

While he has outgrown his belief that he was an honest-to-goodness pirate, Adam learned to sail, like his siblings, and stays on the water with his BSA Sea Scout ship (like boy scouts, but co-ed and focused on nautical stuff) - deep down I do believe he's part pirate.

Aw, now that I've taken that little trip down memory lane here's a more current picture of Adam, taken at his high school graduation. He's now in college - those pirate days seem so far away ... I sure do miss them.

This quilt reminds me so much of my little pirate, with it's sea-worthy and nautical prints. The pirate prints in this are just fun and fantastic and are complemented by fish and whales and waves and all sorts of other tomfoolery.

The sailboats (or are they pirate ships?) were so fun to make, once I figured out the math. They each measure about 6" tall and are outlined with gray thread.

The backside is a grayish blue anchor print and the binding is a white with black stripes print from Ikea.

The quilt is available in the Jude Harbor shop.