Our Story

Because I'm Me manufactures and markets woven cotton bow ties, neckties, and related accessories, creating a sophisticated yet lighthearted look perfect for you.

We entered the handcrafted market in 2007, creating and selling quilts, handbags, and baby wear, before narrowing our focus to the wonderful specialty market of bow and neck ties and related accessories. Our ties are all 100% woven cotton and each tie is made to order, allowing us to accommodate the needs of our amazing customers. Our selection of ties ranges from conservative paisley to silly zebras, ensuring that you'll find the perfect bow or neck tie to suit your style!

Our selection changes constantly as new styles are added and loved styles are retired. In addition to ties you'll find high quality pocket squares, boys vests, and children's suspenders.

Weddings, family portraits, event pictures, and special occasion wear are our specialties. Because I'm Me truly cares about you and will answer your questions and fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

Our small business is located in inspiring, artistic, sunny Florida and, proudly, all our products are manufactured within the United States.

Jody Sanders is the owner, designer, marketer, and manufacturer of Because I'm Me (and the blogger).

"First and foremost, I'm Mom to 6 busy kids; one in college, two in high school, and three home schooled, living a life I never expected but find to be wonderful. Nothing means more to me than family, which most certainly carries over into my business and into the Because I'm Me brand. When not designing or creating I home school, chauffer, am active in Scouting, camp, cook for this crowd, save money through couponing and bargaining, and do my very best to live each day to the fullest."

"I love color, which comes across very clearly in our ties and accessories. There are no boring, stuffy ties at Because I'm Me."

"I've been the person behind Because I'm Me since 2007. The ties I make come from my heart. When I make a tie my mind is always imagining the end user and the end use. I love getting pictures back of my ties "in action", whether it be from your wedding, the first birthday party of your baby, First Communion, or a family holiday picture"

"I have two favorite things when it comes to what I make ... first is the satisfaction and giddiness of seeing the finished product, seeing the vision become reality, and second is the heartwarming joy I feel upon seeing and hearing from the new owners of our projects."

At this time Because I'm Me employs a very small staff, most often feeding them in PB&J rather than cash. When their schoolwork is done the Sanders children will often be found modeling, printing, packaging envelopes, putting the finishing details on neckties, running to and from the mailbox, and contributing to blog posts.

Speaking of the blog ... No, it's not just about ties. Life isn't just about one thing. Here we share our love of ties (for sure!), home schooling, camping and the great outdoors, water and sailing, and whatever else comes our way. Enjoy.

Contact us anytime at becauseimme@gmail.com.