The One Where She Made a Quilt

Last weekend I got bit by the quilt making bug. Out of nowhere I wanted to make a quilt. Not just any quilt - an elephant quilt. Specifically, an elephant holding a balloon quilt, with lots of white space around the elephant and the balloon.

I dug into my scrap bins and found all the blues and greens I could and the elephant was born. He's made of patchwork squares and then appliqued onto the white background. After putting the front, back, and batting together I stitched his balloon for him (he was very happy about this) and added some more detail to him.

The white portions of the quilt are machine tacked so the focus is on Mr. Elephant, not the stitching.

The binding - it's been so long since I made a quilt I had to google the width of the binding - is a gentle blue dot print. The back of the quilt is a yummy gray and white chevron print.

He's a very happy elephant, and ready for a new home and can be found in the Jude Harbor shop here. I'm super tempted to keep him and have a wall in the daycare that'd be perfect for him, but I've already got another quilt idea in mind for that wall.

And let me just say that fabric stores are dangerous! I went to three and am now stocked up on fabric and ideas. Be warned, there are more quilts to come.

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