His Eighth Trip Around the Sun Has Begun

Seven. He's seven.

He lights up our family, that's for sure.

River continues to be a snuggler, even though he's got the long lanky arms and legs of a giraffe he still loves to climb in my lap for good hugs and kisses. Knowing the day will come when he'll be "too big" for that I'm soaking it up now and grabbing all the lovey moments I can.

Last summer he discovered snorkeling and fell in love with the Florida Keys, along with the rest of us. I watched him with his mask and snorkel, face underwater for most of the day, thinking that he's got a way better view than he'd see on any tv. While he won't remember a lot of the places we've been I'm grateful that he's been exposed to so much nature and outdoorsyness, and that he's gotten to travel to lots of neat places. He's got a great love of exploring, and fits right into the adventures of his siblings.

River continues to enjoy Cub Scouting and gets so much good out of the program.

Homeschooling continues to move along. He's a really good reader, but not into reading books right now. He's got a gift for math and is sailing through second grade math, learning basic multiplication right now.

This year River, Mia, and Kaden joined a water ski show team. River has taken his time learning to get up on skis and is just finally getting it. Next year ... barefoot tricks ... or at least slalom skiing.

What does the next year hold for this seven year old? I have no idea, but I bet it'll be wonderful.

Love you, little River man.

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