Throwback Thursday: Good and Messy

While this was not the messiest project I did with the daycare kids (that'd be this), it is certainly the second messiest. And one of the best days ever (actually the messiest project, while a pain to clean up, was also a very great day).

Messy = Fun.

Fun and creative. Give kids space and simple "stuff" to work with and their minds will let loose. Paint, chalk, tools and treasures from the recycling bin, whatever ... their minds get to exercise as much as their bodies. Total win.

For this project I did use washable paint, which cleaned up with nothing but the hose. 

Good and Messy

Facebook status, early one morning: Today is a fine day to lay a big roll of paper out on the lanai and let diapered babies finger print like maniacs. That folly will be followed by water play, I do believe.

And that sums up that day's afternoon.

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