Yeah ...

Sensory play ... shmensory play!

A large bowl of rice, tons of digging, mixing, and measuring toys ... What a great fantastic brilliant idea.

And then along came eight children ...

There's not much more I can say beyond that (except that it was great fun, and great fun to watch, not that we're doing it again).

I do not have pictures of the end of this learning experience, picture a rice flinging fight between the older kids, using the dustpan and shovels as catapults.

It has been over a week and I'm still finding rice everywhere. Next time, humongous pasta noodles.

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2 Comment

  1. this is what it's about, right?

    Looks wonderful! :)

    (but such a mess to clean up!)

  2. When I was in fifth grade, my two brothers were homeschooled. I felt so bad that they didn't get a "field day" like mine, my twin sister and I organized one. Mostly, it was just a food fight - a pound of cooked spaghetti and some whipped cream. (The cream started out as a game - you put a strawberry in each of (x number) of pie pans, and then fill the pans with whipped cream. The idea is to see who can find the strawberry the fastest....using only their faces. Hehe

    Best part? Clean up was a SNAP. We raked up what we could, and then just ran a mower over what was left. Turns out, Spaghetti makes awesome mulch. Who knew?! LOL

    Have a great summer. :-) (We've been "moving" for the past two weeks, so I'm INSANELY behind on reading blogs...but I'm still here!! And still ADORING your blog. I like the new "tack" you're taking, too. Our blogs should be about US, right??!)