One Adventure Down

Jayco pop up camper, the chalkboard paint door adds an element of fun

We made it through our inaugural camper weekend. Last Saturday afternoon we headed to Ikea and then a state park campground for the night to test out the camper.

Worked perfectly.

There is still some organizing to do (we forgot scissors somehow) and a few more necessities to take care of, but we got so much done and had so much fun.

I must admit I ordered a memory foam mattress as soon as I walked in the door on Sunday. This old body doesn't do well on cheap concrete camper mattresses!

A little remodeling update ...



Jayco Pop Up Camper remodel in progress, white paint and white hardware goes a long way towards making this camper light, bright, and more modern, the bed quilt is fitted for a polished look all day long

Sorry the "before" doesn't show the same view as the after, but it should give a good idea.

All cabinets, walls, and drawers have been painted white to remove the two-toned brown and gold look (with oxidizing brass hinges). New white self-closing hinges and clear Ikea knobs have been added.

The quilts on the ends are from the girls bedroom, before they were replaced with Mama-made ones. I squared the corners and added elastic at the bottom so the quilt would stay permanently tucked in (the boys prefer blankets on top of the quilt).

In the top image you can see the front door. The bottom half of the inside of the door has been painted with chalkboard paint. Two coats over primer turned out just right, super easy to write on and wipe off.

Those benches will be recovered eventually, but today they aren't bothering me too much so it'll be a bit.

We're planning our next adventure already. In the meantime I'll be practicing my backing up skills (not easy my friends, not easy).

Click here for second camper update.
Click here for third camper update.

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7 Comment

  1. I love the remodel of your tent trailer! Is that a chalkboard on the door?! Great job painting the cupboards too!

  2. Very nice! What make and year is the camper?

  3. I know this is an older post, but I was wondering what you used to paint the cabinets with and if you've had trouble with it chipping off?? thanks!!

    1. I used primer and then semi-gloss interior paint in white. The Zinsser primer worked very well and the paint there has held up wonderfully, half the camper cabinets were done with another primer that didn't work as well at all and has chipped a bit.

  4. Hi Jody! I just found your blog and am loving the renovations and remodel you made to the trailer! I was wondering if you would share with me what you did about the gold trim in the cabinets. Were you able to remove them prior to painting or did you simply paint over them? They look great. I would really appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!!