Neckties. Seriously, what kid, little or big, doesn't look incredible and delectable in a necktie or bow tie? I'm pretty sure half the reason I make these is so I can stick them on River and chase him with the camera.

These pictures were taken the same day as these. We don't have fall weather, we don't have take-your-breath-away beautiful changing leaves. And it was still a little too early to "borrow" a pumpkin patch. So what's one to do? Get creative.

For these fall / Thanksgiving ties I knew immediately where I was going to take the pictures. These incredible orange, gold, red walls are on a retail building in my neighborhood. I have no idea what paint they used, but these are some vibrant walls. When the sun is setting they glow, in a really good way, as if they were reflecting the sunset. Driving by this cheerful building always brightens my day.

With a little editing and cropping no one needs to know that these wall portions are pretty narrow, most of the building is windows. I'm thrilled with the outcome.

Had there been a pumpkin patch nearby I'd have tried that.

I had planned to take these bow tie images against the same walls, but it was just too hot and the ice cream would have melted too quickly, so inside we went. Because ice cream and bow tie was too cute a combination to pass up. Again, the color scheme inside worked just fine.

I take a lot of pictures and use just a few. Lots and lots of pictures get deleted. That said, I do keep plenty of "imperfect" pictures if the kids are in them, they are often the ones that tell the most story. And I also don't crop every image, especially family ones - how often do you look back at a photo and see someone doing something goofy in the corner and laugh for hours of feel a pang of nostalgia upon seeing Grandma's crewel on the wall - it's good to not edit too much.

What are your favorite settings or "out of the box" photographing ideas? I'd love to hear.

These ties are available at the Because I'm Me shop here and here in sizes from infant to child.

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