October 1st.


Leaves changing to incredible vibrant colors.

A touch of cool in the air.

Almost sweater weather.

Sipping cider by the fire.

Or not.

I was so content sitting at the kitchen table writing October 1, 2012 on the kids' schoolwork this morning. I looked out the window at the gentle breeze, trusting that it was cool out, cool enough for the long sleeves I was wearing. We ate pumpkin doughnuts, perfect for a nice fall day.

And then my oldest daughter insisted on pool time. And I was brutally shocked out of my little fall fantasy.

It's still 90 degrees out. Stifling, I say (often, to myself). Humid as can be. And that cool fall breeze out the window? It was fleeting, quite, quite fleeting.

I normally love our weather, no matter what it is. I love the heat, I love the sun. I don't even mind the random torrential rain storms we've been having lately. Hey, throw a hurricane my way, even they don't dampen my love for good Florida weather.

But right now I'm jonesing for some fall. And feeling a little gypped that it's October and there's not even a hint of autumn in sight. That we've basically got the same absolutely beautiful perfect summer weather today that we had in May. And June. And July. And September. You get the picture.

Darn Faketober!

Happy siblings.
I hope your fall weather is exactly what you want it to be. And if Faketober has struck in your neck of the woods I hope you find a way to manage ... clearly, the pool does wonders to revive Florida love ... perhaps it'd work for you too.

Happy October.

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  1. triple digits here in California -- some of the hottest weather this year ..