Fear not, more vacation pictures are coming.

But this week ... I sewed.

With giddy pleasure I happily agreed to make a dress for a little girl. The hardest part of this project was choosing fabric, not because of a lack of options, but because I wanted to use every single pretty pinky yellowy flowery piece of fabric I had. Choosing just a few was so hard!  In the end, as is often the way, I went with my first choice.

The pattern is the Itty Bitty Dress designed by Made by Rae. The pattern she offers is for a newborn, "come home from the hospital" sized dress. Fortunately, at Inspiration for Crafting is an enlargement of the pattern, in a size 3T. I needed a size somewhere in between the two so I decreased the size of the 3T pattern by just over 10%, creating what should work for a 12 month old. It's a loose dress and the shoulder ties are adjustable, making it a very forgiving pattern size-wise.

I've made this dress a few times before here and here and love it. It's so easy to play with. I opted to line the top with the skirt fabric so the ties would have both fabrics and so there would be no raw edges showing on the inside (I hand stitched the lining to the inside enveloping the bodice/skirt seam. The buttons were added for a bit of extra sweetness.

The diaper cover pattern and tutorial was found here at Made. It was quick and easy, I struggled a little with the leg openings but once the elastic was added the trouble spots disappeared.

While making camera strap covers I was asked to make one that was a combination of fabrics I'd used, but not together. And with both a ruffle and a pocket.

Seriously, I think this is the most perfect camera strap. I love the fabrics and the pocket, on the inside works great. 

I have every intention of making one almost exactly like this for myself. I'm sure a few more will end up in the shop.

Smart, creative friends are so good to have!

Other sewing this week has included sandwiching and quilting three quilts. One now needs the binding handstitched, another needs the binding put on, and the third, the troublemaker, needs to have some stitching removed and his bad self squared up a bit.

I'm hoping to fix the naughty quilt today and make River some surfer (long) shorts.

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