The Next Two Itty Bitty Dresses (again, not very itty bitty)

Dress for M

Here are the other two dresses that were made while making the birthday gift dress.
Dress for V
I picked the fabric combinations for all three dresses before I began sewing. At that time I had no agenda, no idea who would end up with which dress. I just knew I liked the fabrics together. But then as I was sewing each dress it became perfectly clear to me exactly who I was making it for. Each dress is just right for the recipient, personality and color-wise, and I can't imagine them wearing one of the other dresses. After the dresses were finished I asked my kids which one was for which girl ... and they all guessed correctly. So odd to me that that worked out so well without any forethought.

For these two dresses I did not alter the bodice pattern at all, and both of these girls wear a 2t-3t. They have plenty of room widthwise and since the straps can be tied to be longer or shorter there's plenty of room lengthwise both now and as they get a little bigger.

Oh, I forgot to mention on the other post, I used significantly less fabric than was called for in the skirt. The width I used was 44", not the 70" (or close to that) that was supposed to be used. It was just a lot easier to go from edge to edge, and it still seemed good and wide. Turned out rather well, I think.

These two girls are still in diapers and one of them likes to remove her diaper (and other assorted clothing) so I made them coordinating diaper covers from the red Ikea print that is in both dresses. By googling "free diaper cover pattern" I found this wonderful and super easy cover. At the same time I found aDress for M wonderful blog in Prudent Baby ... lots of great inexpensive and quick projects and free patterns. Definitely worth taking a look at every so often.

I made my diaper covers a bit bigger than the pattern (maybe 1/2" on each side), which was said to be an 18-24 month or so size. and added extra elastic at the legs and both covers are still a little bit too small. I'm pretty sure that by adding a small panel of fabric at the crotch I can gain the extra height and leg room the girls need, so it should be a quick and easy fix. For the crotch and side seams I used french seams instead of just edge-stitching the raw edge.

Just for the record: googling "bloomers" is probably not the way to go when looking for a diaper cover. Quite an education to be had there ... I had no idea that bloomers were so sexy...

Dress for V

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  1. I would have never thought bloomers were sexy either...

    and really cute little dresses (and little girl!)