Camera Strap Cover, Round 2


After writing this post I had every intention of sharing pictures of the camera strap cover I made for my friend. But I forgot to take pictures before heading out and giving it to her. And she forgot to take pictures before putting it on her camera strap. The strap cover with pieced with rows of reds and whites. Very pretty. Trust me. (I have another similar one in the works, I'll share pictures of that one, I promise, I think.)

I used my strap cover throughout my most awesome family trip. Let me tell you, I LOVE it. It makes me smile to have that little bit of color and style around my neck. Kind of like spoiling both me and my camera. Plus, cotton fabric just plain feels better than a black nylon strap.

And the compliments I received on the strap cover didn't hurt either. Not one bit.

I was encouraged to make some more so I created a pattern and put a few together. And then a few more. Isn't that always the way when playing with fabric is involved?

This is the first style of cover I developed.

These strap covers are fully reversible, with pockets for carrying a lens cap on both sides, and the strap covers are lightly padded. I was worried about padding and the heat, but they are very lightly padded, no more noticeable than the original strap.

An added bonus ... these straps are wide enough (the internal width is about 2.5") to put on a purse or handbag, as long as at least one end of the bag strap is detachable. Such a pretty way to modernize a leather purse or even a duffel.

A very special thanks to my daughter for letting me use her camera as the strap model. It's a *real* camera ... film, not dslr. She has a few, the first given to her by her father for her high school graduation. She uses them regularly - not being able to edit or delete images, and being limited by the number of exposures on a roll of film and the cost of developing, forces the photographer to really think before shooting, creating a real discipline. I love her results.

These have been listed in the shop.

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