Camera Strap Cover, Round 1

 I was contacted recently to make a camera strap cover. When asked I immediately jumped at the chance. Mostly because the person who asked has been a very wonderful source of support for me over the years but also because I've been wanting to make one for myself but just hadn't.  I knew if I made one for her I'd make one for me too. Plus, I just accepted the role of Historian in the Cub Scout Pack, which apparently means I'm in charge of taking pictures, so I needed a pretty camera strap cover.

After making one for my friend, which I'll share after she receives it, I set out to make one for myself. I'm not going to post a tutorial, that's been done and done well ... here and here. I altered the tutorials I found by omitting the batting and adding fusible interfacing instead. Living in Florida I didn't want to add anything that would produce or retain heat (trust me, it's hot). I also stitched through all three layers (fabric, interfacing, lining) with long parallel lines. I didn't stitch up the sides with an edge stitch but I will next time because it will give a more polished finish.

Whatever tutorial you follow, or don't follow, a bit of color and style is going to be a much better look than an old black camera strap!

A few thoughts on getting the strap on ...

Using a rubber band to hold the leather end bits in might be a very good idea, especially if your strap isn't extra wide.

I attached a skewer to the adjustable webbing on my strap and easily ran that through the strap cover. Something similar, or a crochet hook, makes putting the strap cover on much easier.


Making this took a total of about 15 minutes. Seriously. And I've already started on another for myself.

Oh, and the fabric came from ... WalMart. Apparently, and I really don't know the story behind this, they're bringing fabric back and this is one of the new prints they'll be carrying. It was less than $5 per yard. I can't stand WalMart, but I'd go back for more of this fabric.

If you make a camera strap, or have made one, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see.

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