Bow Tie Giveaway

I've been having so much fun with bow ties and neck ties ... and bow tie hairbands and bow tie barrettes that I wanted to "share the love". 

Click here for your chance to win a toddler sized all-American bow tie, perfect for the upcoming Independence Day holiday. This is a Facebook giveaway, so the entries have to be done through the giveaway link or through the link on the Because I'm Me Facebook page, which will take you to the same place.

After entering the contest you have the option of "sharing" the contest on your facebook page. If you do and a friend of yours wins you win a bow tie too. That's a second entry into the contest. Woo hoo.

More ties are on the sewing table and will be making it to the shop this week. I'll share them with you as soon as they're completed.

Good luck.


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1 Comment

  1. If I can glue it......I can do it !!!!!!!!Saturday, June 09, 2012

    My favorite quote for my Christian Crafty Ladies Group thst i attend......they can each do neat unique crafts & they have fun joking with me & my limited crafty talents......

    MY motto is......IF I CAN GLUE IT...I CAN DO IT !!!!

    So they love to tease me, however I need some new ideas..........Bobbi R. In Tucson, AZ.......God Bless !!