More Stuff in the Mail

I forgot to mention this mail the other day:

Glidden had a give-away offer recently for paint testers.  In the very generous package were two 2 oz. paint samples of my choosing as well as some other paint color ideas and a nice little idea book.  2 oz. of paint won't paint a room, it really is a sample, but it would easily paint a small toy or bit of wall.  I choose two very light linen colors and am hoping one of them will be *the* color for the master bathroom.

And then today I received this:

12 coupons for free 20 oz. soda.  I save and enter bottle caps at (ok, my daughter enters them ... she just finished a keyboarding/typing class and loves the practice).  For every 10 caps entered a redemption can be made for this coupon. I have to honestly say though that I have no recollection of ordering 12 of these, there's a limit to how many caps can be entered a week and it's nowhere near enough to get 12 coupons. If I'm going to be in the car for any length of time I like to have a diet coke handy so I keep these with me and redeem as necessary.

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