How to Add a Sidebar on the Left Side of Blogger Blog?

Can anyone give me an idea of how to add a sidebar on the lefthand side of this blog, or a second sidebar on the righthand side? Also, where would I find the code to edit the sidebar font size without editing the main body font?

And ... how do I post a link on flickr without posting the actual link (attach the link to verbage ... ie- "Fun!" would like to something without showing the page address. I used to know how to do this ... apparently not anymore.

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  1. Go to Layout under your Blogger Dashboard

    click on fonts and colours

    Choose the font you want to change

    From here you can change the size, font, and font style

    Let me look a little more about adding another sidebar.

  2. nks ... type like this (take out the 4 dashes)

    <-a href="insert link here"->Title of link here<-/a->

  3. oops didn't proofread, that was for links ... have fun!!


  4. Ooh! I can help with this one! There is a tutorial for a left sidebar on blogger here -
    Or you can just use one of their templates.
    I love my left sidebar!!