Fun and Free - Movie Night

Oh, redbox, how we missed thee!Have you discovered Redbox yet?  The vending machines are located at various grocery and Wal-Mart type stores, right near an entrance ... look for the big red box (makes sense, no?).

Redbox is a movie rental vending machine.  Movies hit Redbox the day they are released on Dvd or Blueray, so the selection is very current.  

Here's the sweetest part of the deal ... cost per night per movie is $1.  Seriously!  $1.  Oh wait, I listed this as a free thing to do, didn't I?  Ok, before you go to WalMart or wherever your Redbox is (the Redbox website will direct you to a location near you) google "redbox coupon code" ... grab a code and your one-night movie rental is free ... absolutely, positively free.

Unless ... you, like me, forget to return your movies the next day and they sit on a shelf, in your purse, in your car for far too long.  Redbox charges $1 per night per movie ... you can keep it as long as you procrastinate but it'll cost $1 for each day you don't return it (after 25 day the movie is yours to keep and the charges stop incurring ... we've done that ... twice).

Last night the kids rented Hotel For Dogs and loved it.  Two hours of entertainment, watching a newly released movie for free ... it'd have cost much more at Blockbuster ... and way more at the theater (we never go to the movie theater anymore ... movies come to Redbox so quickly it's worth waiting a little while for them).

**this is not my photo, I stole it on flickr from GBBower.  I didn't get a picture of the kids watching the movie ... just picture a pile of kids on the floor with tons of pillows and blankets, laughing hysterically.

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