Subtly Sailing Along

sailboat quilt detail

I know there was a better title out there for this post, but I couldn't of one and, really, "subtly" is a funny looking word and should be used more often, so I had to give it a moment to shine.

sailboat quilt

sailboat quilt closeup

sailboat quilt closeupThis quilt is created from randomly pieced squares, joined with cream muslin. If I recall correctly the squares are about 8" square and the sashing is created from 3" wide pieces ... don't hold me to that though!

The fabrics in the squares are a blend of sailboat fabrics (click on any of the pictures to see them larger) and other boyish fabrics in coordinating colors. The border and binding are also sailboat fabrics. It's a very calm quilt and you don't pick up on the sailing theme unless you look closely. I didn't want this to scream anything, and I'm sailboat quilt backsidequite pleased with how it turned out.

I've said it many times before ... it's hard to make a boyish quilt. Most fabrics, even in blues and reds, are florals, which only work for boys if they are very very inconspicuous. This quilt has no florals. Woo hoo!

The backside is a blue starburt/circle fabric from Ikea, with a strip of two sailboat fabrics added into the middle because the quilt was too wide for a 44-45" piece of fabric.
sailboat quilt backside, binding, details
The quilt is quilted with random stippling, using cream thread on the front and blue on the back.

The pictures were taken in downtown Fort Myers, at a dock used by the sailing center where the kids sail. Not a total "drive by" picture taking experience like last time, though we did have a few folks out with their boat wondering what we were up to.

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2 Comment

  1. You are becoming a really great photographer (not that you weren't already!). I love the way the the back fabric subtley leads into the sparkly water.

  2. I adore these photos! What a beautiful quilt that blends perfectly with the background..