A Little Love

love patchwork quilt
Another sweet girly quilt done and ready for the shop (someday)!love patchwork quilt detail

This one started with a charm pack that I picked up off the clearance table at a local quilt shop. I can't recall the name of the charm pack offhand, but it struck me as very Valentine's Day-ish with it's abundance of hearts. I wasn't too sure about it until I started playing with it ... I love it now, lots of pink but with the green, brown, and red tossed love patchwork quiltin it was a lot of fun and very eye-catching. The printed fabrics alternate with simple white cotton.

The quilt is small, measuring about 42" by 42", perfect for a baby or a toddler bed.

The quilting stitching is done with bright pink in a wavy pattern so it'll pucker nicely after washing.
love patchwork quilt detail, backside, binding
The binding is a brown and pink floral and the backside is done in a bright, cheerful pink with little gold flecks.

The pink flowers in the pictures grow in the yard at the cottage. "Yard" isn't the right word for it but I'm not sure what is ... it's really just wildflowers and plants growing naturally. Right now there are these pink flowers, some brighter pink ones and some yellow flowers, mixed in with lots of natural growth. Just beautiful.

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4 Comment

  1. I really like what you did with this. Aren't charm packs great.

  2. Oh that's so cute. Makes me want a girl even more. Well, maybe I need to start looking for a gender neutral charm pack to make a quilt myself. I love it!!

  3. jody...i simply adore everything you make...i love the stitching you used to quilt this. it's so perfect! i think we may have been twins in an earlier life (at least design twins)

  4. Oh this one makes me want a baby girl to wrap it around! *sigh*...

    Love the others you posted as well, haven't had a chance to come over to visit but trying to catch up today!