We're #2. We're #2.

My school, that is! The USF Bulls are ranked #2 in the country.

When I went to USF there wasn't a football team. We had a basketball team that did alright, but the school didn't have much school spirit at all. Many students were older and commuted, most didn't live on campus, the school didn't have a rich history, there really just wasn't a lot of unity on campus. I enjoyed my 4 years there, had a lot of fun, and made some great friends, but my brother went to FSU and my sister to OU so I've seen school spirit and pride, and at the time I was a student USF didn't have it.

Over the last 10-11 years we've gone back to visit Tampa and you can see the tremendous increase in Bulls team spirit. Buildings, off campus, painted with the Bulls logo and in their colors, more shops featuring USF merchandise, decorated cars, etc. I think it's great and about time.

At the same time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had some good years and their fan base has increased too. When we used to go to the Bucs games we rooted for the other team (only because the only games we went to were Packer games ... and that's a team with a heck of a fan base, including my family). Again, there wasn't much team spirit in town, but that sure has changed too.

I think this would be an awesome year to be a student at USF.

I, personally, have never followed USF sports ... or any sports, for that matter. All I know about current sports news I've learned from Mike and Mike on my morning drive to work, a show so worth listening to ... these guys are fun. I wasn't aware for a year or two that they even had a football team and have never watched one of their games. So I'm not jumping on the USF bandwagon and suddenly becoming a huge football fan, but I am happy for them and very proud of my alma mater.

Go Bulls!

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