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oct17 011

M. had the first Halloween party tonight, through her Brownie troop.

She had wanted to be a cat, but wasn't sure what kind. Then we decided on a 50's girl, but didn't have enough fabric. I suggested a 50's guy, with a freezer paper-stenciled t-shirt and her high tops, but she thought that that was a ridiculous notion.

Finally we settled on a scarecrow. We visited our favorite children's new and resale shop, Ditto Kiddo, and found the overalls. I thought plaid flannel shirt and took her to the boys section ... um, no thanks Mom ... I guess princesses don't wear boys clothes. So she's wearing her sister's old shirt. The hat is a leftover Easter hat.

The straw is raffia, cut up. The patches are glue-gunned on and the stitching done with a pen. The overalls were very clean and "like new" ('cause that's how we do it at Ditto Kiddo) so I rubbed the seams and a few other areas with furniture stain.

Total project time: 15 minutes

Total time to clean up all the little "straw" bits that spread throughout the shop: A whole lot longer

oct17 009

oct17 006

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5 Comment

  1. Too cute! Love the patch. I also love that photo of the footprints in the sand. I don't know if you scrapbook but that would make a beautiful page. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks. I don't scrapbook, but I'll pass that suggestion on to my sister, that's her forte.

  3. Fabulous!!! Great DIY and very "green" of you! :)