Saving Money at WalMart

From America's Cheapest Family. If you're not on their newsletter mailing list pay the few dollars and sign up. This tip alone will pay for my sign-up fee as it doesn't just apply to school supplies (except that I detest going to WalMart ... I may have to get over that!). Here's the link for the newsletter.

School Supplies

Are you stressed and don't have time to run around town to pick up all of the school supplies your child needs? Okay, here's the easiest way to get it done inexpensively.

Sit down with the newspaper ads and your child's school supply list.

Make a list of the cheapest items at each store that you need to pick up (along with the store's name).

Pack up your hit list with the ads and head to Wal-Mart.

Pick up all the sale items on your list and head to the check out

Tell the checker that you want to "Ad Match" the items. As the checker rings them up simply tell them the sale price and which store advertised it. You'll get that price. It's so simple you'll wonder why you never tried this before.

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1 Comment

  1. Jody,
    You are great - you waste no time at all letting people know about great deals! Thanks. We know how you feel about Walmart, but sometimes preserving our sanity and family time are more important than social protest.

    (thanks for plugging the newsletter too!)

    Annette and Steve Economides