The Ready to Burst Family

That's us ... ready to burst. We're leaving for Wisconsin on Friday and we can't wait. The kids have been asking how many days since we got off the airplane last summer. And now we've got 3, just 3, days of waiting left.

We'll be staying in a lakefront cottage with my parents and my sister and her kids. That means 1 bathroom for the 12 of us. Do I care? Nope. I look forward to it (well, not necessarily the bathroom part, but everything else!). 2 weeks of swimming, boating, playing Scrabble and BS ... pure decadence, I tell you.

Jason is only going for one week (don't feel too sorry for him, he's going to Europe 2 days after the kids and I get home) which is unfortunate since he's our boat captain extraordinaire and co-chief ice cream supplier.

The first year we did this we stayed one week, which was much too short. Last year we stayed two weeks and we still ran out of time. Most days the kids were up at the crack of dawn and busy outside until we wrestled them in after s'mores.

Bursting ... that's us right now.

Cottage 06

Last year ... included a visit to a paper museum, pizza night, sailing a butterfly and capsizing in the middle of the lake with me in the boat ... whatever would we have done without the boatful of helpful teenage boys?, fishing, s'mores (lots of s'mores!), a maze attraction that stumped my partner and I (he was 3 ... but I really can't blame him for all the dead ends we hit!), a talent show, some shopping, fresh local produce, seeing deer, a children's museum, lots of ice cream at Culver's, I beating Daddy at chess for the first time, margaritas with my sis, fireflies, a jumping contest from the raft, early morning walks, a rooster statue, the Jelly Belly factory, and more, more, more!

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2 Comment

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun...and JELLY must be in WI! I've been near there but never actually to the plant. I want some Belly Flops...did you get some?

  2. We've been to the factory twice and walked away with tons of Belly Flops both times. We're going this vacation too ... next Friday, I think when we take Jason to the airport. It's a fun tour.