A Good Day

rock kingdom
The kids have named this area "rock kingdom". Every year we head there and while the grown ups sit on the boat relaxing the kids play in the shallow rocky/sandy area. We aren't exactly sure what the great appeal is, as there are plenty of other shallow sandier areas, but they ask for it from day 1 so it's a "must" on our list of things to do.

just before capsizing ...
This butterfly is available for us to use at the cottage. We're not quite sure what C was doing here, but rest assured she captized moments later. For the record, she's the only one who has capsized the sailboat, and she's done it two years in a row. In her defense, she's also the most daring on the boat and the fastest sailor.

A swimming, goggles on top of his head
Adam coming out of the water, with goggles on his forehead. No explanation for that one but he wears them like that at home too ... in the garage and when riding his bike. My Dad thinks he has pictures of my brother wearing this life jacket, and my brother is in mid 30's.

K and cousin

K and his cousin.

The end.

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