I'm so frustrated with my sewing machine. And mad too. Really, that's all I have to say and I don't feel any better now that I've said it. Hmmph.

Really, the thing is only a few months old. I bought a Brother to replace a Pfaff that was 30+ years old and just getting too old. But that Pfaff had lasted a long long time and been fairly good for most of it. This damn Brother is a pain in my neck. It skips stitches constantly, doesn't sew the first stitch well unless the fabric is well under the presser foot ... like not at the beginning of where the seam should be, and bunches up thread and tangles all the time. I have to clean it way more often than I should to keep it running decently and it's just sooo fussy. I've learned ... next machine is going to be a better machine ... this one was inexpensive, but so not worth the money saved. As the bobbin turns ...

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  1. I have a Kenmore that my in-laws bought at Sears for about $500 (they were sure to tell me) for x-mas a few years back. It's worked well, had it into the shop once for a check up and a little clunking (I don't oil much), but other than that I'd recommend it.

  2. Thanks. I'll look into that one (I've heard good things about Kenmore), or start by taking mine in for a tune up. I just didn't think I'd have to so soon after I got it.