Father's Day


The kids and I used Kirstin's idea, mentioned a few days ago, for Father's Day this year. I love it, and it was a hit with Jason. The kids are already looking forward to writing in it next year ... we used a 400 page journal so I may have them write in it at Christmas and his birthday too.

The opening page is a picture of the kids. Then each child got two pages to do their thing on. They were so creative and put a lot of time and love into what they were doing. I had to pry them away from the book so the other kids could get a chance!

The top photo is I's. When I scanned it the pages folded and covered up his picture of Daddy, a very cool rendition. I love his poem. He's such a cool kid.


The middle photo is the kids at the table working on the journal. This is what went on the front page. I'm not a scrapbooker or artist so our journal is probably a lot simpler than many ... I imagine there's a lot we could have done to jazz it up.


This is A's picture of Daddy, A, and flowers, grass, and sun. I love the colors he used for this, and all the thought that went into making the flowers and sun people-y and the grass rainbow colored (Daddy and A are in the bottom left corner). I think A may be an artist of some sort someday, he's got a few learning issues but has always expressed himself well in drawings.

C wrote Daddy a letter sharing her thoughts about him. M drew and traced her hand, and K drew a one-of-a-kind picture. Each of them worked hard and came up with ideas that were completely unique to them, and all of them did something beautiful and personal.

Happy Father's Day Jason, you are very loved and admired by this family of yours!

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2 Comment

  1. Your Celebration book is awesome!!!! I made one for Papa and one each for the grandpa's too. I'm just finishing so I'll have pics up soon.
    What a great idea. The Father-in-law was actually a little misty eyed when he opened it!!!

  2. the book looks great! i'm looking forward to when the boys can do more than scribble and put stickers on their pages! :)