Jude Harbor applique dinosaur baby quilt

Recently some decadent dinosaur flannel fabric magically appeared on my doorstep, along with a whole bunch of other fabric from Ziggie Lane Fabric. <- she has great sales, worth checking out and then I won't be alone in my fabric-aholic-ness.

Applique dinosaur baby quilt with flannel backing

Back to the dino fabric. I had to make quilt from it right away.

Handcrafted stegasaurus applique baby quilt with flannel dinosaur back and hand sewn binding

I opted to use the yummy dino flannel as the backside and created six appliqued dinosaurs for the front, on a white Kona cotton background.

red dinosaur quilt block

Each dino is appliqued to the Kona cotton with a blanket stitch.

The quilt is quilted with lots of straight lines 1" apart and sewn on the diagonal. I also quilted around each dinosaur.

blue dinosaur appliqued baby quilt block with blanket stitching

 The binding is the yummy coral / sherbet print.

red dinosaur small handcrafted applique quilt block

After sewing the top I shared a picture of it on my personal Facebook page and immediately sold the quilt to one of my favorite mamas to my most favorite eight month old (currently, by choice, my one and only daycare baby).

There is a second quilt in the works, very similar to this one, which should be finished in the next few weeks.


Green dinosaur applique baby quilt block

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