Woodland Luxury



This enchanting quilt is dreamy soft! The front features blocks of mint and cream plush Minky with blocks of a woodsy mountain print. And the backside is a gentle gray flannel.

Used as a toddler bed cover this quilt is sure to keep your little one warm and cozy all year long.


As a baby floor mat this quilt, with 100% cotton batting, will provide softness and comfort as they play.

The quilt measures 39" square and is quilted with a simple meandering stitch, reminiscent of mountain trails and roads.

Did you know there are currently 29 quilts available in our Jude Harbor shop? Yup, 29. Check them out before they find new homes. And there are four more quilt tops waiting to be finished - and I got a new new sewing machine that I'm crazy about ... so there will be more soon.

The sewing machine trails and tribulations: Last spring we made masks, lots and lots of masks. I averaged 3 hours of sleep a night and everyone in the house was put to work, all while still running the daycare! 

When the dust settled I knew my sewing machine needed a spa day, so I purchased a Janome to get by while my Pfaff was in the shop. I liked the Janome just fine and we developed quite a nice relationship. And then he sewed over a pin and got very sad, something was off and he sewed ok but sounded awful. I called Janome because it was under warranty and they told me I had to reach out to the seller, which I did but they don't handle any service issues, so they offered to give me a full refund if I returned the machine. Unfortunately, the same machine was no longer available at the price I paid. So  ...

I got my refund and found a refurbished Pfaff through an online retailer. And it did embroidery, which would be an asset to me. Ordered the machine, got the machine, opened the package and it was not what I'd ordered. It was a new Viking that retailed for more than the Pfaff. I reached out the company and after some screw-ups by UPS I offered to just keep the machine they'd sent so I could start sewing. They agreed. All was well. Until I used the machine. I did not like it at all. At all. In my mind I was already trying to come up with the funds to purchase the Pfaff I'd originally purchased. So ...

I reached out to the company and returned the Viking and they sent the correct Pfaff. And it's wonderful. Terrific. Easy to figure out since I already have a Pfaff. I'm a very happy sewer!

Back to my trusty, original, work horse of a Pfaff. At the end of last June it traveled to the Keys with me for a "working vacation". After we got home the presser foot stuck when lowered, it just didn't lower until it wanted to. I thought maybe a piece of sand got in it somewhere or something. Took it to a shop and they got it to work for three weeks. I tried myself to fix it and got it to work for about 48 hours. I have no idea what's up with it, but I'm looking for a seasoned repair person to give it some TLC. It still works pretty well, it just takes a lot of patience waiting for the presser foot to drop (sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes).

And that's how the sewing machine world turns around here ...

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