A few works in progress to share!

First, two quilts that just need to be photographed. They are both super cute and, unintentionally, share a lot of similar colors.

This one is ready to be quilted on the long-arm quilter. I'm waiting for sewing machine oil to arrive before getting started on it, in the meantime it's loaded and waiting.

I started quilting it a few days ago and ran into some tension issues. Not a big deal, but then the bobbin got wonky and the machine stopped working completely - the motor ran but nothing else happened. In reading the manual I came across a blurb that said to look at what you were last doing to find the source of your problem - so I surmised this was a bobbin issue. The bobbin came out and got fixed, but still nothing. I played around with the bobbin housing for a bit and got some tweezers out and found a little stuck thread. Worked on that and still nothing. Hmm. Googled and googled and googled some more and finally found a video that dealt with the issue. Sure enough, there was a tiny piece, maybe 1/2" long, of thread stuck in the bobbin. My son Adam and I worked at it for about 2 seconds and that pesky thread came out and the machine worked again. Seriously, the tiniest little piece of thread!

I finished this top last night and, once I find a great background fabric, it'll be ready to be quilted too. 

My mother has been supplying me with quilts to practice long-arm stitching on. These two are the next to be played with. She donates these quilts to a local hospital and they are perfect for learning new techniques on. After seeing Instagram videos of the amazing work long-arm quilters do I am excited to keep learning (and there's so much to learn and practice!).

Lastly, this sweet charm square pack is next in line to be made into a quilt. I know Christmas is a long way away and even Hobby Lobby doesn't have their Christmas stuff out yet, but I can't wait, this one is just way too cute.

 What projects are you working on this month?

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