Rustic, Woodsy Arrows


Easy room updates with these adorable, affordable painted wooden arrows! My favorite things about these arrows are their versatility, character, and color combinations. And every child likes to see his own name. :)

They're available in a (large) handful of paint and name colors, allowing you to match them with your color preference and style.

The arrows are 14" long and 3" tall, perfect to hang with a collection of related items or to stand on a bookshelf or dresser.

Each arrow is stained, then painted, then finally sanded to create a more natural worn look, then the name is added to complete the stylish piece.

Check out the paint and name colors:

The arrows are listed in the Jude Harbor shop and will ship in 1-2 business days of ordering (I pre-stained them so they'd be ready to go!).

P.S. ... They're a great accent to this quilt (and many more, but this one has my heart today).

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