A Pinch of Irish


A few years ago two of my kids and I did Ancestry DNA tests. In addition to growing my family (best thing ever!) I found out I'm part Irish. Having spent 50+ years with no idea what my genetic background was it was so cool to find out, and to find out that St. Patrick's Day is relevant to me. 

 So ... my 11% Irish-ness introduces our new Jude Harbor Saint Patrick's Day pesonalized custom key chains. 


Whether you're Irish all the time or just one day a year, these super cute custom key chains are sure to be a hit. The clovers / shamrocks are spread throughout and the writing on the tags is in silver. The backside is bright green, and the tags are sealed with epoxy resin on both sides - so they look amazing.

Available at the Jude Harbor shop. These take a few days to make, but there should still be plenty of time to order them for March 17th.

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