Masks for Guys

puppy dog face covering

Masks, masks, masks ...

 woodsy face shield for men

I've listed some "not girlish at all" masks in the Because I'm Me shop. Click on each image to be taken directly to the listings.

 navy dot face mask for him

Let's face it, bow ties are not hot sellers these days - although I have to think they'd add an awesome touch to the dress-shirt-over-gym-shorts Zoom look. :) So we must adapt ... and to that end masks seem like a good way to go (and I had to have a reason to buy these wonderful fabrics!).

 navy white striped face covering for guys

These pleated masks are crafted from 100% cotton fabrics, and are super comfortable on the skin. They're all machine washable and come with elastic to secure behind the ears.

 gray white masculine deer mask

The masks have a filter pocket on the backside to add a filter if you prefer, though they function wonderfully without adding anything to them.  As hot as it is outdoors right now I'm happy to stick with the two layers of the mask, especially since the CDC has said that that's all that's necessary to be helpful.

boys camping face mask covering

 Each mask is available for both men and boys.

school teacher face mask

boyish airplane cotton face covering

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