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This quilt top came to be because of the pretty pink and white Red Robinhood prints. They're so sweet ... I can't wait to get the quilt done and get better, more detailed pictures. More of the white print should arrive tomorrow or the next day and she'll get her back. No idea how she'll be quilted yet, suggestions much appreciated. :)

This bunch of fabrics became a quilt top this weekend, with the focus on the two fishy prints. I really thought a backing fabric for this one would be a piece of cake. Who knew that girly fish prints are not that common? Not me, it appears.

In the end I opted for a soft, yummy pink flannel. The goal is to have the binding hand-stitched by the end of this week.

That top multi-colored fish print is just awesome, I can't wait to try it with a few other color combinations (like pink and orange!).

And speaking of works in progress ... Just kidding. Here's River after the grandson did his hair (with a whole lot of hair gel).

And one where he did his own hair. After a few unfortunate very short haircuts that River wasn't crazy about he's growing it a bit longer, not crazy long but long enough to hang the way he wants it to.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

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