Ahoy There, Matey

I have a son, my Adam, who once believed, with all his heart and soul, that he was a pirate. He dressed as a pirate every Halloween, and lived and breathed everything pirate all year round. Here's my sweet Adam in his pirate apron (before he was over 6' tall!) and his pirate quilt, which has a treasure map on the backside, and one of the many years he was a pirate for Halloween.

While he has outgrown his belief that he was an honest-to-goodness pirate, Adam learned to sail, like his siblings, and stays on the water with his BSA Sea Scout ship (like boy scouts, but co-ed and focused on nautical stuff) - deep down I do believe he's part pirate.

Aw, now that I've taken that little trip down memory lane here's a more current picture of Adam, taken at his high school graduation. He's now in college - those pirate days seem so far away ... I sure do miss them.

This quilt reminds me so much of my little pirate, with it's sea-worthy and nautical prints. The pirate prints in this are just fun and fantastic and are complemented by fish and whales and waves and all sorts of other tomfoolery.

The sailboats (or are they pirate ships?) were so fun to make, once I figured out the math. They each measure about 6" tall and are outlined with gray thread.

The backside is a grayish blue anchor print and the binding is a white with black stripes print from Ikea.

The quilt is available in the Jude Harbor shop.

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