Oh, Aren't I the Crafty One

Salad and a craft. What a win!

When Chick-Fil-A asked me and some other moms to try their new Spicy Southwest Salad and create something from the container I got pretty excited.

First of all, the salad. It's really good. That "spicy" word at the beginning of the name? Yeah, they mean it. It's spicy. Like, "have a drink handy and plan to refill it" spicy. But it's oh so good that I couldn't stop enjoying it even as I guzzled my water. The chicken is delicious and the little chili lime pepitas are a real treat.

Chick Fil A upcycle project #chickfilamomsdiy

And then the craft. We have a little girl in our care during the weekdays. She's going on 9 months old and is a non-stop bundle of energy! I thought the container would make a great drum for her, since banging stuff is the best and playing with "real" stuff, not baby toys is the way to go (her favorite toys at my house are a set of measuring cups and a tin cup).

Because I'm Me free upcycled toy drum, baby toy

I began by spray painting the inside of the container a metallic silver that I had on hand from a home project. Then I filled the container with dried beans and a variety of pretty little things, so that as she moves the container she'll be able to spy new items. A little glue and tape and she's got a new drum.

Of course, right now she uses it more to bang than drum, but that works too.

Total cost: $0.00 because I was able to use materials I had in the house and the upcycled Chick-Fil-A container. The containers stack really nicely so I'm planning to add a few more to the collection to use to store her littler toys, and for use to use as a stacking toy.

Isn't she cute? She's crewing on a frozen cloth because she got 7, yes 7, teeth at once!

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