Little Meows

The kids and I are fostering three little kittens (who lost their mittens?) after their Mama was hit by a car.

They're adorable little bundles of cuteness, who are keeping us very busy. The kittens are about four weeks old now and have been with us just over a week, arriving at our home very hungry, dirty, and covered in fleas. They have no interest yet in eating on their own or using the litterbox so when I say they're keeping us very busy I'm not kidding.

The kittens are very attached to each other and I'm so glad they have each other, though I sure wish they had a Mama to take care of them. They're just discovering mobility, until a few days ago their legs were still very shaky, now they fall less but still aren't sure they want to leave the safety of each other or the nearest human.

We are not keeping the kittens and will be actively finding new homes for them in the next few weeks. To try not to get too attached they were given very boring names - X, Y, and Z ... Xray, Yankee, and Zulu in military code. Their names don't fit at all, as they are absolutely adorable and fluffy and those names are not, but they serve the purpose of being able to tell them apart.

Want a kitten? :)

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