New Design: Diamond Tip Bow Tie (and a necktie to match)

Stylish diamond tip cotton bow and neck tie for men and boys

Introducing the diamond tip bow tie, available for both men and boys.

Both ends of this tie are finished to a point, rather than a traditional square, taking the bow tie to a whole new level.

Modern, stylish diamond point navy blue and white plaid cotton bow tie for men and boys

This tie was on the drawing board for quite some time before it became a reality, but once the first prototype was made we were in love. The character and sophistication of this handsome style won us over very easily, and I'm sure it'll do the same to you.

Currently the tie is available in the print shown. However, any of our ties can be created in this style ... just ask.

We do, of course, offer the coordinating necktie.

Styling navy blue and white plaid cotton necktie for men and boys

Check these ties out in the shop.

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