Welcome, Spring Flowers

Because I'm Me blue green fun floral necktie, for men and boys, from $18

This fun woven cotton tie is perfect for spring and summer (or for a little spring and summer reminder in wintertime!).

The flowers are just wonderful, very eye-catching while still pulling off a professional finish.

White, shades of light and olive green, and various tones of blue dress shirts would complement this tie very well. Personally, I love it with a blue and white gingham button down.

Matching ties for brothers or father/son? We've got that, with a wonderful coordinating blue/green striped tie.

Because I'm Me blue and green floral and striped neck and bow ties for men and boys

As usual, both ties are available for men and boys, and as both bow and neck ties, with prices beginning at just $15.00.

Because I'm Me blue green floral woven cotton bowtie, for men and boys

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  1. Love these colors. When my boy was two, he had a hat these would go with perfectly. Aww, I remember that age when they still let me pick their clothes. I can not tell you HOW much I miss those days. Your stuff for boys is so super adorable. - I'm gonna reshare this on FB!