Fossil Hunting, River Style

Because I'm Me, Peace River, Arcadia, Florida rope swinging

More cool than the rope swing (if that's possible) is the fact that this river is loaded with fossils - shark's teeth and more, even though it's a fresh water river inland.

30 years in Florida and I'd never heard of such a thing. But it's real, so very, very real. If you're even in south central Florida it's worth putting on your "must see" list.

And it's old Florida, which may have been the best part of all. We built a fire on the sandy beach of the river and just hung out. No tourist attractions, no crowd, just us, good friends, a sweet puppy, and fossil hunting.

Because I'm Me, Peace River, Arcadia, Florida rope swinging

River came home with two shark's teeth and a handful of other fossils I can't recall the origins of. As the water level drops and the weather warms a bit we'll head back for more "in the water" exploring.

This magical location is along the Peace River outside of Arcadia, Florida. Canoeing and kayaking are welcomed and there are plenty of waterfront campgrounds along the river. Well worth checking out.

Peace River, Arcadia, Florida, fossil hunting

Florida, Peace River, Because I'm Me

peace river, florida, arcadia, south central, fossil, sharks tooth, freshwater river

Because I'm Me, Peace River, Arcadia, Florida

 What out-of-the-ordinary enchantments grace your corner of the world?

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