Review: Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips And a Give-Away!

Recently Patti, a fellow Mom and blogger, asked me to try and review a Lilla Rose Flexi hair clip. I've been hearing about these for a few years now, how easy they are to use and how well they stay in, and jumped at the chance to try one out. Mia and I both have fairly long hair and are always looking for ways to "tame" it.

After reading this head to the bottom of the post to enter to win your own Flexi clip.

Lilla Rose hair clips are so very pretty (much better than my usual black ponytail holder which, I'm sure, is a fashion statement in it's own right). I was quite impressed by the vast selection available; hair clips, head bands, decorated bobby pins, "u" pins, and gorgeous hair sticks. The clips are available with silver, gold, and copper bases. The clips are adorned with a variety of different embellishments, from colorful beads to floral decorations.

image courtesy of Lilla Rose Inc.
Ok, so what the heck is a Flexi Clip? The Flexi clip looks similar to a barrette. The front, decorated side, uses a flexible wire that slips into the attached back slide.

The clips are available in six different sizes, from mini to extra large. Each clip has the size etched right into the sliding back pin so you know exactly what you're working with. The different sizes accommodate different hair types and also work for different hair styles, for example, you wouldn't use the same size to pull back just a bit of hair as you would for a full ponytail. Lilla Rose offers a super easy to follow size chart as well as a sizing video, making choosing a good size a piece of cake

As soon as my Flexi clip arrived in the mail I opened the package and put it in Mia's hair. Big mistake; her first words were, "I'm keeping this, you know." (I"m wearing it right now, so ha! to her)

The clip is very easy to put in and stays incredibly well. I expected it to slip right out of her straight hair but even after a day of school it hadn't budged. It's also very comfortable, because of the design there's no pulling or tearing of the hair. It also allows for a wide variety of hairstyles, which can be seen on the Lilla Rose site.

One note ... some of the designs can't be worn upside down, creating a problem for lefties. I was able to get it in my hair, right side up, without too much trouble but next time I'll order one that doesn't have a specific top/bottom. Update: Just ask Patti and she can have the hair clip decoration flipped so it's not upside down for lefties! How cool is that?

Overall, I'm thrilled with my pretty, comfortable new hair clip. I love that the backside is preattached and won't get lost, and that it's so incredibly easy to put in my hair. I'm looking forward to ordering a few more clips in the near future.

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  1. I love the holiday designs - looks like many of them are sold out though. Classic favorites of mine are the Celtic Knot and Celtic Cross, and I LOVE the new Keltic Lore. that might be my new favorite. :-)

  2. Aw, I was going to enter, but you made Facebook a requirement. Bummer.

  3. I think that the open heart is just gorgeous. The festive poinsettia is really cute too but it is shold out already. Honestly I think they are all beautiful!

  4. Love the hair bands! They're all so cute though!