Paper Airplanes

Yesterday I posted about the new airplane ties in the shop (which are awesome).

I wanted to share a little about the super fun, easy, and versatile paper airplane backdrop.

As you can see, the airplanes are the most basic simple planes. After making the airplanes I glued them together in the center, then glued them to simple brown string.

I could easily have used a different airplane style. I also could have weighted the bottoms of the airplanes for a more formal "all together" appearance, but for this project I was fine with kind of a loose "do your own thing" look. Using fishing line would have removed the string from the pictures and would have been just as easy, but I wanted the natural string to show. All things that are just a matter of preference!

After making and stringing the planes I gave them a few hours to let the glue dry.

Once it was dry the strung airplanes were attached to a spare clothing rack left over from Ditto Kiddo. The clothing rack is collapsible, so it's very easy to keep handy yet still out of the way. It's also adjustable, with the height rising and the hanging bar expanding. It's also on wheels, an added bonus.

The strings are just taped on with masking tape.

And that's all there is to it!

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