Beautiful Burlap Table Runner, with tutorial

 Last night I made burlap curtains for the living room (seriously, four floor to ceiling length curtains cost a total of $20!). After making them I came across an extra yard of burlap left over from another project and decided it was time to put it to use.

And so began the Beautiful Burlap Table Runner. I'd seen this idea somewhere on the Internet (I apologize for not giving credit where it's due) and couldn't resist making my own.

To begin cut about a 15" width of the burlap from the piece, cutting from selvage to selvage. The selvage ends were already finished, so I left them as is. The fabric was 50" wide, so my table runner is 15" by 50". I carefully cut the burlap with the grain, to have less fraying and uneven raw edges on the table runner.

At this point I could have left the raw edge alone, but I prefer to keep a tidier look longer so I opted to run a thread of glue along the backside of the raw edge, using Crafter's Pick Fabric Glue.

After laying down the glue spread it a bit with a finger, just to smooth it out and make sure it covered to the edges. The glue dries clear and won't show through to the front.

Then cut a piece of fusible interfacing and press that to the backside of the burlap. Not an absolutely necessary step, but with the kids and the cats in this house I knew it would help the table runner maintain it's shape.

Cut slits wide enough to run ribbon through at regular intervals down the runner. I cut each slit 2" down and 2" in.  Make them as perfect or imperfect as you'd like, mine aren't perfect which was my preference with this casual table runner.

Thread ribbon through the slits, beginning and ending the ribbon on the backside of the runner.

Attach the ribbon to the backside of the runner with a dot of glue at each end.

Display, decorate, enjoy.

Burlap sells for about $4 a yard. For this runner I'd have purchased 1/2 yard of fabric for $2 (less with a coupon). 50" of ribbon for each side costs no more than $2 total. Total cost: less than $4.

This table runner took a solid 10 minutes to make. Not bad, not bad at all.

Season change? Easily change the ribbon by taking it out and threading new ribbon ... a whole new table runner in seconds.

If you make a burlap and ribbon table runner I'd love to hear about it and, of course, see pictures.

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