Just Breathe ...

The floor project continues. Weekend project, yeah right. Four weeks in I've got just one more coat of polyurethane to do. Then the base molding. Then the stairs (which are currently down to very, very ugly bare wood -- we're getting used to it, maybe it makes a statement? No. Just no.).

In the meantime we're down to one computer, tucked in a room crammed full of other room's furniture. In this house full of people my personal computer time is very limited (as I type right now there's a boy sitting on my lap waiting his turn to do school - Mathletics), so new ties which need to be listed are feeling slightly neglected (not that I'd know, because they're currently behind an armoire and a bookcase and inaccessible).

Next week ... the floors will be done and work will ensue in full force.

My biggest helper with the floors, he loves cutting pieces to fit perfectly, I couldn't have done this without him.

Until then, a little beach calm, followed by another relaxing evening at Bonita Bill's.

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