Holiday Spiriting

The kids and I went to a local Festival of Trees. The event featured 26 of the most wonderfully decorated trees. The trees were magical and we were entranced.

The photos above are from a local electric company. Each lightbulb on the tree, and it was full of them, was decorated by an employee, and the lightbulb decorating began as soon as the 2012 festival ended. This tree won the Most Creative award this year.

This tree, decorated by a local artist, explains the origins of the 12 Days of Christmas, something I'd never given much thought to and had no idea of the religious significance. We learned so much from this tree.

Music and BBQ. I love the guitar pick decor and the guitar in the tree. This tree also had a fog machine shooting fog out near the bottom.

Best smelling tree created by a local soap company, Naples Soap Company.

Dr. Seuss tree, with a bent top and fantastic tree topper, created by a local school.

Serious points for originality.

And an incredible tree topper for a movie themed tree.

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