Hit with a Bug

Please pardon the quietness around here.

The kids went to spend a few days with their father and spent most of the days sick with a rough flu bug, leaving me home alone with the same bug and a nasty cold (lost my voice for 5 days). They came home with prescriptions a plenty and I filled them up with chicken soup. After well over a week we're mostly recovered, everyone is still tired and getting plenty of extra sleep and a few of us are still coughing. But we feel alive again and have reentered the real world.

I did manage to leave the couch for a few hours one morning to sit on a boat and watch our sailing center's annual regatta. Sadly, my kids were not able to participate as they weren't feeling well, but over 330 other people's children participated in the regatta and it was beautiful to watch.

I have many new ties coming out and can't wait to share them with you. But first, off to catch up on schoolwork, not everything got done while Mama couldn't talk.

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  1. Feel better everyone!! Sending you healing thoughts and virtual chicken soup!