Summer Vacation 2013: The Year of the Canyon: Caprock Canyons State Park

On our way to Dallas, Texas to visit my sister we stopped at Caprock Canyons State Park, located somewhat near Amarillo, but more specifically in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived after the office was closed so we grabbed an open campsite and toured the park.

The canyon is smaller than Grand Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon, but still beautiful. We didn't do any hiking in the park, but the trails looked like they went on for miles. If we'd been staying there longer than one night we'd have explored further.

The park is known for ... bison. They roam free, but we didn't see any anywhere but the visitor center. There were, um, "signs" that at least one had been near the campground, but we couldn't decide if it was a  recent visit.

More exciting than the bison was a "town" of prairie dogs living right next to the campground. They were just adorable, sticking there heads out of their holes and scurrying around with their friends. They had no fear of us when we came from the campground, but when we came from the road they ran into their holes.

I love River's morning hair. It's always crazy.

See the question mark after the 11? After two weeks we'd reached a point where we only had a vague idea of what day it was.

Leaving the park was interesting. My cell phone got no reception and the GPS wasn't picking up our location. I stopped at the only grocery store (a convenience store)  to buy a map but they had none. The directions I received were to go down that road a long way, maybe 30 miles, to the flashing light, then turn left. And the directions worked perfectly!

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