Summer Vacation 2013: The Year of the Canyon: Cadillac Ranch

Oh yeah, we got our kicks on Route 66.

Kix Cereal too, which was just way too punny (huge eye rolls all around in the car).

A stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo went without saying. When I moved to Florida I drove past Cadillac Ranch. Back then the cars looked like cars and, if I remember correctly, weren't multi-colored. Times have changed.

Cadillac Ranch is a collection of 10 Cadillacs buried in a row in the ground, right in the middle of a cow field. The cows seemed to be quite used to the attention the cars received and pretty much ignored the goings on around them.

As we were looking at the cars we were given a few cans of spray paint by other visitors who were leaving. Who can pass up an opportunity to spray paint cars (or anything) without getting in trouble. We  had so much fun!

As we were leaving we passed the spray paint cans on to the next visitor, who was super appreciative, just as we'd been.

Next stop: Grand Canyon

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