If You Need Us ...

.... we'll be on the road with our "new to us" pop up camper.

The interior is no longer brown walls and brown cabinets with gold detail and brass hardware. The cabinets and walls are now white (always nice to find a "use what you've got" project!). Much more my style and so much lighter and brighter.  A trip to Ikea will occur in the near future for cabinet knobs. I will share progress pictures as we transform this baby into "ours".

After deciding not to pay someone to install the tow bar and trailer lights hook up I bought the needed parts online; I installed the lights wiring myself and a friend did the trailer hitch. I was pretty darn proud!

Our first trial run will be this upcoming weekend. One night to see if we can figure out how everything works, which is imperative because all I know how to do is plug in the electricity; I've got a lot to learn.

And then ... at the end of May/beginning of June we're taking a 2 week trip to the Grand Canyon, with some pretty cool stops along the way!

Because I'm Me bow and neck ties for men and boys

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  1. Hi! We just bought our own old camper too, Which needs some serious painting. How did you go about painting the cabinets so the finish would be hardy and last? I'm thinking I will have to sand all of the laminate well, then clean and paint with enamel. I hear the 'no sanding' treatments for laminate can chip off and don't last long. Is this what you did? Katie