The Elephant in the Room

While searching for a star quilt block for a swap I came across this wonderful elephant pattern.

Star quilt block was abandoned immediately and elephant pillow began. Yes, it has been suggested that I have an attention deficit issue.

I randomly bleached the red fabric in a grid pattern using freezer paper stencils to create the pattern. The bleach was then added with a toothbrush. After it had dried, and was machine washed and dried, I added the black dots with stamping ink made specifically for use on fabric (found at Hobby Lobby). The end result is exactly what I'd hoped for.

For the pillow covering I simply sewed the front and back together, leaving an opening for the pillow, turned it right side out, and stuffed the pillow. I then machine stitched the opening shut. I considered doing an envelope back but opted for a more permanent cover.

Creating the elephant, border, and pillow covering took less than an hour in total. Leaving me enough time to make the quilt block I was supposed to be making in the first place.

If you make an elephant pillow of your own please share a link or picture.

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